Kickstarter Funded Snuglet Keeps MacBook Power Cable Connected



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the original magsafe worked great. the newer ones don't. they work like the old ones when you pull straight out but up and down might as well not have a magnet at all.



This is the equivalent of creating a seat belt that releases when you pull on it. You know, because it's so darn inconvenient to push that button.
The MagSafe connector is supposed to break away. From the video it looks like you've got to apply some lateral effort to release the connector.
You can't find your MacBook? Check the floor. Someone tripped over your cord and gravity took over.


Mr. Happypants

Do people even bother to follow the links out to the external sites? This doesn't PREVENT your MagSafe connector from breaking away, it simply strengthens that connection so it doesn't accidentally pop out constantly. And like most things, you don't see a need for it? Don't freakin' BUY it!!

I'd also imagine from watching the video that you can easily pop it out when you're in high traffic areas where the easier disconnection might be desired.


Adam H. Berkey

Some people don't want the cord to pull out easily. Who cares who thinks that a stupid idea.

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