Kindle Fire HD Is Amazon's New Smiling Box, But Can It Beat Apple?



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You cannot muscle your way into the tablet market domination, like you say,when you think, like Bezos, that the world is the USA. As a Canadian I am insulted that he is still ignoring us 36 millions Canadians, an therefore will patiently wait for the Ipad mini, witch will kick his arse anyway.



Good point.



Two things wrong with it right out of the box. First, no media or applications. Anything Kindle before won't work with it. You have to buy what ever you had again.
Second thing wrong with it which really bothers me is that it has advertising built into it. That's right your stuck with advertising on a product that you supposedly purchased by you. Amazon says you have no way to remove it.

So I guess as a buyer you don't really own it because you don't have admin rights to remove crap like that on it.

My opinion that's a real deal breaker and I wouldn't buy it.
Apple does not do this. So Apple wins with apps and media that works between all of there devices. Apps and media that you have bought you can re-download for FREE again and again.
Apple isn't greedy, they do a lot more than pump out devices. They have stores that can help you use them, repair or replace them. They have online help, they provide constant software updates and improvements.
Quality of the products are always top notch and usually offer unique features which no other devices can do. So you can buy that $500 laptop that will last you about a year and you'll have to sink in $1500 worth of upgrades to get to anything that runs like a Macbook Pro if your lucky. Oh you want or need service, good luck calling india and waiting 6 weeks after shipping back for any kind of service.
There is a reason for Apple's pricing other than greed, it's call support, training, and service which you can't get anywhere else.



Amazon has stepped up to the plate and delivered on what everyone saw as short comings in their first attempt at a tablet, screen resolution and memory. What I haven't heard or read yet is whether any of these devices will be able to load real world apps like Microsoft Word or any Office software, if they can it will be a game changer. Think about what Apple refuses to give us the customer who pay way too much for their products, such as no HDMI ports on anything oh wait they did on their over priced Retina MacBook Pro. Don't you find it ironic that Apple who uses a China company known for cheap labor still charges mega bucks for their devices? Do you really think Apple will offer the new MiniMe iPad for $199 or even $249 to compete with the new tablets? I don't think they will because they as a company are greedy and oh yeah I forgot they know best what we want right. Amazon can beat Apple as long as they can get major developers to write apps for them. What do you think?



Ummmm. Every manufacturer is using the cheapest manufacturing that they can find. Did you check to see where the kindle is made. Taiwan. I agree with you on hdmi port but I have an apple tv and can stream it wirelessly. It's funny people who don't really look into the price of what they are getting. Price out a compatible good manufacturing laptop with the software that comes on a Mac and it is close. Plus try to sell that used laptop and see what price you get. Apple products hold Thier value so when I sell to update I easily cover any price difference. Sell a used kindle come paired to an iPad and you will know what I am talking about.

Now back to kindle. I think it looks good but it has a lacking element. The app store is not developed as much as android and apple. That fact alone will hurt it.

With your complaint about apple being greedy I guess you think e same for high priced car manufacturers as well. BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, infinity, on and on. These cars cost more and sell for more on the used market. I wish I could afford one. If you cannot afford an apple product don't get one but I bet you will be back when that Chevy keeps breaking down and costing you more money in the long run.



If you remember, a widely circulated report after the new iPad release valued Apple's manufacturing costs at around $316 per wi-fi unit. Large portions of that cost are tied up in the display and processor. The LTE model reportedly costs Apple $409 to produce. Now, while the profit margins of the wi-fi iPad are somewhere in the ballpark of 30-percent, that's a HUGE gap on the LTE model, which sells for $829. We're talking almost 50-percent.

While it's not my place as a reporter to call that "greedy," as Crash did, it's arguably a bit staggering given recent (and previous) reports in regards to Foxconn. Of course, that's assuming those cost figures are even true. I'm not even entirely sure those cost points include other factors in Apple's supply chain, and they certainly don't take into account investment in R & D (a massive point for a tech leader like Apple). The supposed figures are just literal representations of manufacturing cost. 

In no way am I making excuses for the labor practices of Apple, Foxconn, or other suppliers, by the way.

Regardless, mtorok makes a valid point about the Kindle Fire HD's lack of competing content. That was an argument I made in the article, and I think it will be the defining factor of Amazon's failure or success. It really comes down to the consumer -- do they want a high-dollar tablet with an insane library, or a lower-cost tablet with a weaker app base (but the massive recognition of Amazon's content supply).

To answer Crash's other question: the iPad offers quite a few alternatives to office productivity, but we all know Surface will likely carry the true MS Office experience.

And just as a personal aside, mtorok, I drive a Chevy. ;)

Thanks for commenting, and keep it coming. I live for this.

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