Lack of MMS Result in Lawsuits Against Apple and AT&T



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In Canada we got MMS right when 3.0 came out, and as far as I know in most other countries too. It's a pity AT&T treats their customers so badly. With all the problem's I hear about it sounds like AT&T at times makes the iPhone look bad.


Cion Monge

I agree; Apple had this feature already enabled when 3.0 came out, but since AT&T didn't support it, Apple had to take it out so it wouldnt look bad on their part. Looks like yet another good marketing ploy if I say so myself. My motorola flip phone had MMS back in 2003...



AT&T dragging their feet is not acceptable. This is an AT&T issue, not an Apple issue.



You bet your life! If AT&T can, it will drag it's feet to save a dollar and then lie to your face. Here in North central Florida, we have NOT had 3G service until last month, still do not have DSL (Oh yea, if you can't get it, then you can always use Satellite internet at it's premium price of $79.99 - not the $49.00 as it is for those who have DSL) AND we are still awaiting MSM. AND FCC still allows them to get away with it - why because AT&T fills the senators & reps pockets with millions of dollars to be allowed to NOT do what they promise that they will do. WOW-don't get me started-my heart is already pumping hard and the steam kettle is ready to blow over this "DO NOTHING FOR THE CUSTOMERS" company!

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