Law Firm Could Sue Over 2011 MacBook Pro Issues



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Hi i'm a mac technician here in uganda,africa been duin it last 7yrs now & i'm great at them,i can be employed anywhere,LOL :-).
That all aside,i noticed too macbooks that shipped w/ amd GPUs both 15 & 17 hit up alot and switch off,how sad in a middle of a timely project & data all gets lost,they're repeat "patients" in my workshop!i own a 15.4 late 2011 model but it get extremely hot on bottom & bezel & speaker area,it blacks out:-( There counterparts i.e which shipped w/ nVidia GPUs are superb in every bit,they deliver!I hope lawyers help us win thru case so we get value of our money back by fixing them.If this is the case i don't mind shipping mine back to apple 4 fixing.



Sounds like the issue is with Amd, and not Apple, its like seuing McDonalds for the coffee
being hot



@ greggour
If there is a legitimate widespread problem with these MacBooks, it doesn’t matter if Apple used faulty components from an outside source, they are still responsible for their own products.

It’s not "like seuing [sic] McDonalds for the coffee being hot", if there is a legitimate problem that Apple refuses to remedy, then taking legal action is completely justified.



I have one of these 2011 models that was working great one moment and then completely failed to boot. It is actually a problem with Apple's manufacturing. Apparently they used lead-free solder and not enough thermal paste causing the GPU to actually disconnect from the board. If the computer is left on long enough, it essentially re-flows the solder long enough to allow you to boot up.

Judging from this, I would say it is not an issue with the AMD chip at all, but a problem with Apple's manufacturing process.



thats what losers... i mean lawyers do.... stupid capitalists, lets take money from whoever we can!



@ brandonwalkermedia
Honest question... Have you ever criticized Apple on anything?

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