Lawsuit Burns Apple with Claim that MagSafe Adapters are Prone to Fire



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As a lifelong user of hearing aids (having recently switched to a behind the ear unit from a body aid with cords), I know this about ANY wiring - coil them tightly and they will break. Eventually. Some sooner than later. The trick to coiling up any power cord or data cable is to minimize kinking at the connectors. I loop all my cables in very loose loops, and have not had any problems with fraying or breaking at the connectors. My MagSafe adapter is great, and holding up well to back and forth use. The original one frayed in the middle, I think because I accidentally put my chair on it - oops. Because I habitually check the cord every time I loop it up for transport, I know it wasn't a chronic issue.Thanks to Apple Care, the local Apple Store replaced it for free.I've been sent notices regarding class action suits concerning products (including Apple, twice) that have been problem-free for me. Come on, idiots! Learn how to take care of your stuff, and get Apple Care for the stuff beyond your control! Can you tell I'm a little irritated at how sue-happy this society has become?



Hi Gang!
Never had an issue with my MagSafe. i take crazy care of my 'stuff and marvel a the durability. My 'book
is in and out all the time; it is never wise to wrap any cable as tight as the power supply seems to
direct you to doing. This type of cable coils within itself easily and, although its not totally crimped,
it maintains the kinks-stressing the ends. Use gently coiled loops and carry it around (and try to stop
kicking it out on the computer end!!). That'il do it :)



I've had a MacBook Pro for over 3 yrs. I've had the power supply replaced twice, once for a faulty spring in the magsafe connector and once for a separation of the cable cover from the power supply. They were warranty replacements under Applecare. If those folks had paid attention and replaced the item when it showed wear, there wouldn't have been any problem. Probly too cheap to have bought Applecare so now they're trying to cash in with a lawsuit.

Apple since '82



The magsafe connectors are awesome. I unhook and rewind mine from 3 to 4 times each day going back and forth from work and other locations. No signs of wear for the 2 years I've have this macbook.

Yes, having to spend $80 for a new one wouldn't be pleasant when I'd rather put that towards the new iLife, but a class action lawsuit?



I've owned Apple stuff forever - and if you asked me what one of the problems with them were - I'd never get around to "power adapters". Never had it happen - in fact was marveling last night at how well it holds up.



I've had my macbook for some 8 months now and I have not had any problems with the magsafe cable.
and I agree with mwmatter, most people don't take care of their stuff.



I have never had a cable from apple fray. Every cable I have had has worked fine and had no problems with them. Guess I'm lucky? But I bet a lot of people don't take could care of there equipment.



Every apple cable i've ever owned, whether it's an iPod sync cable, a headphone cable, or a magsafe cable, has frayed at one end, usually the connector end. Though there is usually a sheath over it, the winding causes the cable to bunch up slightly, resulting in bare wiring being exposed one one end of the cable when it breaks at the base. i guess to get the pleasant feeling and look of the wiring they had to use structurally inferior rubber.



I have had this issue with my data cable for my Iphone. I work For AT&T and have seen a Bunch of the cables come back Frayed...

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