Leaked AppleCare Memo Squashes Hopes of Free iPhone 4 Bumpers



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It literally takes less than 5 minutes on 3g network to go online and buy a bumper case for a third of the one in the AT&T store. I purchased 2 on opening day to replace my 3g and fiance's OG as in Original iPhone. In the time it took the AT&T associate to program my fiance's phone I already ordered 3 cases with bonus screen protectors. Comes with both Front (anti glare and fingerprint resistant) nice full size as well as a clear full size one for the Back GLASS. A bit redundant, but when dealing with glass... more is better. I got one that looks like a tire tread and for the Boss (fiance') a red prism and purple prism case. All for under $20
Aloha and research more..

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