Leaked: Office 2010 Beta!



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Apparently the screenshots have been taken down because the link at the end of the article doesn't work. Much ado about nothing?



After many years of sticking my head in the sand, three years I wandered into an Apple store. A patient employee walked me through the product line, and within a week, I'd switched my business and my home computers to Apple (Thank you, eBay). I felt MS Office for Mac was necessary, as my clients are all Fortune 500 businesses with few if any Macs in house. Office became a stumbling block to productivity and we've switched to using only iWork. Not a single client has noticed. I'm sure there are some functions that absolutely require something only Office provides. I thank God I don't do whatever that is.I'm sure MS won't miss the dozen or so licenses; but no one here misses Office. I doubt I'm alone.



I agree. The whole "let's make this so proprietary that it will not interact with anything" stance of Microsoft Office in the past just doesn't seem like a sustainable business model to me. If you shut your doors on everyone, why won't everyone shut the door on you?App integration is on of the best features on the Mac. It's such a shame the Redmond folks can't see this. They seem to want to hold onto what they have until their knuckles turn white.Clutch tightly to that sinking ship Microsoft. The people will vote with their purchases... oh wait... they already are: just look at those Mac sales rise!J



They need to give away or sell for $5 to $10 a massively cut down version of the office suite. I use office on the Mac, I know shoot me, and I will never use 98% of the functionality on it. Why did I buy it, I dont know, I just moved to an Apple iMac, which I adore, from a PC after 15 years of hell and wasted life experiences and thought it was sensible. I detest Office 2008 and the way it separates out the menus from the actual app screen. I would never buy another office application when everything is moving to the 'cloud'. I think I will always want local office apps for other work but eventually I will just download the open source office application.

Also I just bought a palm pre and the headache I had with getting my Microsoft Live account to synch with the pre meant I have now moved to google apps which are much uglier but work seamlessly with my phone. Microsoft Live Calendar, Mail and Contacts worked perfectly for and seamlessly together.  I thought wowMicrosoft has really got it right, I would actually pay for this.  Then of course I bought my new phone and found I couldn't get the connectivity with Live, my iMac and the Palm Pre working effectively.    After 10 years having a smart phone you think Microsoft would have sorted this out by now. Pathetic.  Google, Apple and Palm seem to be a working combination for me.  Sorry Microsoft but your time is coming to an end.



I can't see myself ever buying this.

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