Leaked Photo Suggests Apple May Bring Camera Back to iPod nano



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That looks very fake. I think Apple will add a bigger screen, video playback, games, and maybe somekind of a wi-fi dongle to get on the internet, if not IN the nano.



This isn't real. If you look carefully at the image in question, the protective plastic that comes on it after purchase looks like it's the size of the clip. Plus that camera lens doesn't look like the ones on the iPhone or iPod touch. Third point, why would Apple compete with their own products? If you want a media device with a camera that can also play music and watch videos, than they would push the iPod touch.



Seems like it could be fake, because it doesn't seem practical. But at the same time, apple did make the nano a touch screen, which i thought was odd at first as well. Maybe they're thinking, "when our users are out on a run, and happen to come across a moment they'd like to capture. They'll have a camera with them on thieir device. And wont have to carry a camera with them." :)


Susie Ochs

That looks pretty fake to me. Anybody else dubious about that photo? I could be wrong; it definitely wouldn't be the first time...

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