Lightning to USB Cable Sells Out, Apple Confirms No Freebies with iPhone 5



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Hey where is this coming from They are selling an iPhone5 with a charger! shows "in the box" lightning to usb



What is this? MacLife just posts blatantly misleading titles to articles but this is OK as long as they clean up the misleading title with the details in the article.

Yes, the lightning to usb cables and lightning to dock connector adapters are sold out, but the title makes it sound like Apple does not include a Lightning to USB cable with your new iPhone 5 purchase. The "freebies" refers to dock connector adapters not the lightning to usb cable. Further, the iPhone 5 comes with the cable, charger and EarPods. Sort of like they are freebies that come with the phone you just bought! THUMBS DOWN for seriously misleading article title.


Mr. Happypants

Might as well wait for Monoprice & the other 3rd party suppliers, can't imagine it will belong before a $5 version is available.

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