Live Blog: iPad 2 Event



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Extremely psyched for this event. Hope its available asap - I'll be using it to read comics!!!!!



any idea when Apples going to open the live stream? (dont worry mac|life, I'll be here too!)



I'm interested to see if a slimmer device with a potential dual-core processer could yield a shorter battery life. I love the 8 to 10 hour life now. Go go magic Apple!



2 things I would change, 1- be able to read in sun...
2-The weight
I use my Pad 4 everything... I talk on phone with my pad as I can read captions on it!!
I plan on buying an IPhone, but think I will wait till new one comes out...
iPhone I understand is the only phone I can use for sound & captioning on same devise..
Being extremely hard of hearing, I need to have that advantage of captioning...
I hope it will become easier for someone calling a deaf person in the future...where caption will come on screen without 50 numbers pressed first!!!

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