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Is this an UPDATE or an UPGRADE.
If its an update then it SHOULD be free, but Apple has to make money off of this some how, so lets just charge everyone ten bucks for the upgrade and call it a day.
As reluctant as I am, I'll fork over the $9.95 and get the update just to be up-to-date on the current software for the iPod, and my future iPhone.

On the plus side, THANK GOD for cut, copy and paste! I've been waiting for this feature for so long its almost sad.

MMS! I think this will be the one selling point that will force me to break myself and join AT&T. I was waiting until Apple and Verizon partnered up, but I don't think thats going to happen in the near future, as much as I want it to, but if I finally get all the features I'm looking for, I'll break down and get the iPhone from AT&T. I think I'll open my account this weekend. =]

Another feature I'd like to see is syncing notes with MobileMe, from your iPod/iPhone to your inbox in Mail.
The iPhone/iPod already has the Notes app, why not just sync it to the desktop?



Does this mean there won't be a new iphone coming out this summer? I've been waiting but if this means they are going to keep the hardware the same for awhile then I can buy it now...which is nice! Seriously, what do you guys/gals think?


Leslie Ayers

No kidding, I do!


A2DP. I hate being jealous of folks who can use bluetooth stereo headsets on their phones for music and calls.



well it sucks to wait so long!!! f**ng time zone!!

lets hope we get whatever he already have for our jailbroken iphones!!






Like everyone else I would like to see cut/paste but would also like to see the ability to search my mail. The biggest beef I have is that in order to activate or deactivate Bluetooth I have to go into Settings, General, Blueooth and then click on a slider. How about the ability to click on the bluetooth icon in the status bar and turn bluetooth on and off.... Holy Gadzooks Batman!! You could do that with WiFi too.....

Sorry I got ahead of myself there.....

I am ready to be disappointed....


Leslie Ayers

But I like how you are thinking BIG for the iPhone. I'm sure Apple is, too..but I also think they like to make us sweat a bit waiting for the enhancements we're all craving. ~Leslie


Just Another East Coast Early Bird Commenter....Wow, a third version of the iphone OS.
Two years in the making and updating but still none of the below?
Won't mean enough of a good thing till they:1. Enable an application within itunes that gives the user the ability to prearrange and organize the apps to there liking. There are a lot of great ideas already floating out there as to how to do this. What are they waiting for.2. Give us the long awaited abilitiy is to record video with audio like every other normal modern phone.3. Install Voice activation as it is sorely needed for a mobile phone of this caliber.4. Allow copy & paste in all Apple OS apps and then some if not more.The depressing thing is that this is all so easily accomplishable, but still not implimented. Prove me wrong on at least two of these and I believe there is hope. (Flash would be nice too!)Losing Patiently WaitingSincerely Submitted, Gregor Eggz TriesteOld Time Mac Addict  

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