Live Blog: Verizon Event



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I was more hoping it was just a different product all together. Personally, happy to see Apple get another distributor, just can't stand the typical everything's AT&T's fault attitude online. I've been with AT&T for 10+ years, great Customer Service, typical cell service.



well Verizon's site gives it away but I'm very happy on AT&T; I thoroughly enjoy being able to do phone calls & browse the web for other stuff AT THE SAME TIME. I've never heard anything good about Verizon from anyone I personally know. Things will get interesting for sure. I'm sure most people also don't realize that if you already have one on AT&T that a) you need to pay to cancel your contract b) you have to buy ANOTHER iPhone 4 because Verizon is CDMA and not GSM.

@LandonAB that would be hilarious if they said "oh, it's all just a joke we aren't actually getting it and we just put that on our website for fun"



The crowd is ready to cheer !!!



Just for the laughs alone it would be great if there was no mention of the iPhone during this event.

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