Lord of the Rings Online Finally Arrives on Mac



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LOTRO as a game and a community offers exactly the kind of environment and experience Mac fans will enjoy. I hope folks will consider joining the Landroval server, which is known for its especially strong community of players, creativity, in-game events run by players, and more! Likewise, if you are looking to join a strong group of friendly, mature, creative, and active players, visit SonsOfNumenor.com and we'll be happy to help show you what the game has to offer!


Sean Kevin Gonzalez

Took them LONG enough to get it straightened out. No one wanted to tell us anything on the LOTRO Forums,and this just plain exasperates me that we get the info third hand rather than from them directly, as well as in a timely fashion.


AS one of the many millions of Mac users who didn't want to play Warcraft anymore to save our sanity, we switched to LOTRO to be part of a smarter community in general. More Mac users int he game will AUTOMATICALLY improve the IQ of the average players on any given server.

If I may, if this interests you, please come to the Imladris server as we're nearly an empty server these days and I want more Mac friends around me. :)

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