Lost & Found: 4G iPhone Protoype Found?



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pwb, I agree re the many many errors in the article. I'm Mac savvy and an English teacher. If MacLife wants to hire me to do their proofing online, I'm in!


Sky Park Schiphol

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Wonderful magazine and great article, but it is a huge distraction for your many readers when you make three painful mistakes in your text. The rumor itself could never be the 800-pound gorilla, but the iPhone 4G, when it is introduced, would be. The expression is 800-pound gorilla not 500-pound gorillia. You didn't even spell gorilla correctly. It couldn't have been a typo, because it was misspelled twice. Your article lacks authority when you misspell such a key word twice, and you get the wrong value in your misused metaphor. Please be more careful when you blast emails out to your readers and refer them to web pages that have such egregious errors. You guys need to hire at least one English major to edit your articles. See: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/800-pound+gorilla



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Go peddle your garbage somewhere else. 



I read Gizmodos write ups and it really seems believable.  I am surprised Gray still has a job considering all the bad stuff we hear about Jobs and Apple's tight lips.  I wonder if this will cause Apple to push it out quicker?  Doesn't matter for me anyway I still have a six months before I can get an upgrade from my 3G.


Glenn Emond

If you check out gizmodo's web site on this piece of equipment, you might be inclined to believe that this is really the next generation iPhone. It convinced me. And in answer to JMW3215 comment on the new volume buttons, gizmodo has an interesting take on that too.



Is there an A4 in there? That's kind of the only thing I care about in the next iPhone.



I can not help but think that whoever misplaced this device in a bar is definitely not going to have access to top stuff again and obviously it was one of the big wigs in Apple because I can't see a lower level employee having access to one of these devices and losing it.



Place this with the unicorn rumors.



I like the look of this supposed "iphone 4G" it has a long overdue design change, and a few new features. BUT I am not impressed by a few things. First, it is not like apple to have a huge crease on the sides of the device for a user replacable battery. It just seems to take away from the sexyness of the phone when the smooth shiny surface is inturupted by an obvious crease. I am also not impressed by the new volume controles. It just doesnt seem to look right having two seperate buttons for the volume. I am however VERY VERY suprised that they have decided to add a user replacable battery to it. Because apple has been known to do only what they want to do, and not fall under public pressure. also they have macbooks, iPods, and the new ipads without replacable batteries. and why would they suddenly change that with the iPhone? (THIS IS ASSUMING THAT THIS IS A REAL PROTOTYPE)

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