Love Our iPods, But iTunes -- Maybe Not So Much



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Being a bit on the geeky side myself I have no problems with iTunes, however I do agree that it looks aged and doesn't have the beautiful UI's and slick operation found in other Apple software.

In the last month 2 relatives have asked me how to use it, especially how to copy CD's into iTunes and onto their new iPods. They are both quite intelligent women, yet were totally baffled by how to use iTunes.

I think it's about time that Apple did rewrite iTunes from the ground up, making it more intuitive and easy for anyone to use, even if they have no clue about technology. After all, that pretty much comprises most iPod users....



Actually, it's an inelegant piece of bloatware, both itunes and the iTMS.



If anyone cares to read for 30 seconds, they’ll find iTunes (at least on the Mac) is kick ass software.

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