Love Your Mac? You’re Not Alone [Updated]



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Keep it up Mac your doing great



thanks for the tip



78 percent is for mac and pc combined, 77 for pc and 86 for mac, 9to5mac has since corrected the error,


Roberto Baldwin

thanks for the heads up



I have used my Apple Care twice and both times I could (1st) understand them and (2nd) got offered extra help above and beyond what was required by those guys. To the first: I am truly tired of trying to understand "Chuck" from India. was too much work. The the second: when I first got my imac, I wanted to watch a movie that was of a different format that what was available on the mac. I called them to see what I could do to play it. Get this: he told me I needed to download a piece of 3rd party software and he gave me the URL. I said thanks but he said he would stay on the line through the download process and offered to help me install it! This was 3rd party software mind you. I declined the offer but he also said if I ran into any trouble to call them back. Seriously?! I DEFY any other company to go that far to help.
As long as their service department stays like this, I will always own an Apple. 20 years of PC hell was enough for me.



It's interesting that Mac satisfaction rates have been higher than PC's almost since 1994. What would be more interesting is how the PC satisfaction rate changes if they all tried Macs and realized their PC's are absolute garbage.

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