Mac Developer License Drops to $99 Per Year, Mac App Store to Come?



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I can see it now, go into Front Row to download all your entertainment needs, including the latest flash games and flash based productivity apps, a one stop shop for all your needs... NOT! I don't see this kinda thing being good for anyone, and I surely wouldn't want to use iTunes to do ANY software purchases for the Macs.

Okay so an outlet store would be a good idea for the desktop but, anything like this should be in the dashboard instead of the likes of Front Row or iTunes. Front Row does need major improvements to where we can actually purchase new movies/rentals and other content from within it, a lot of good it does to have a 10' interface when it's basically useless for anything but your own content, that you can't access across the network without tweaking or using plug-ins in it to use.

I could see using Front Row to purchase books, movies, rentals, music, and more, including PVR functionality built-in, so one can just plug a TV tuner in and it "just works" from within the App. I don't however see using it to purchase your next copy of VirusBarrier or TurboTax or anything like that. It would be okay for those resource hogging flash games though.



I think a Mac App Store would be a great addition to the Mac. The Downloads page on is getting kind of old, and we could use a new one. Just DON'T make it part of iTunes.

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