Mac mini Prototype Spotted with HDMI



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I found out that MCP89 doesn't support the Nehalem CPU's so therefore it can't support the new Intel "i" line processors, (i3, i5, i7), that doesn't stop it from using the Core 2 Quad/Duo line and maybe Apple intends on keeping it that way at least for now or they know something that we don't at this point, or again they plan on using their own processor invention in it, readying it for OS X 11, if they don't just go with AMD for their cheaper processors to reduce costs. Again this is just a prototype and it could very well be that they included an eSATA port instead of the HDMI port there. With their Display Port able to use audio as well as video, it's highly possible that they have included an HDMI/DVI adapter in the box instead. This would at least give people a taste of what they have been screaming for, for a while now. Personally, I'd like to see two express card ports on the side of it instead. So I can use one for SD card reader and the other for an eSATA card. But, if they want to put eSATA port and an SD Card reader in it for me, I'll happily take that...



I think ports on the side of Mac Mini will ruin the look of it.



"AppleInsider also theorizes that such a move might finally lead to the adoption of Blu-ray on the Mac, which CEO Steve Jobs notoriously called “a bag of hurt” back in October, 2008."

CEO Steve Jobs also said there would NEVER be an Apple Tablet too... I guess he's right in a sense, that the iPad isn't a laptop tablet, it's an oversized iPod Touch...



IF they include this HDMI thing I hope they provide a way to hook to FULL DVI in the box, for those of us who are still wanting to use this thing as a COMPUTER... Looks as if Display Port made it as well but that's not doing those of use who still use a normal monitor any good. As far as processors go, since they are sticking with the nVidia chipset, they could very well go with the AMD processor for this one, the 910e would be perfect for this application, and give Apple a way to lower the prices at the same time.

Then again you never know, Apple could have a deal with Intel that allows them to still use their processors in this device with the nVidia chipsets, at least the Atom, if they don't use one of their own creation coming down the pipe. It's not like they have a wide selection of mITX motherboards to choose from, when their trying to bring down costs, it only makes sense for them to use the nVidia chipset over others. Having a HDMI out probably played a big role in using the nVidia one. Being this isn't supposed to compete with the iMac or even the Macbook Pro, it's also likely that they could keep a Core 2 Duo in this unless they are going to attempt to lower the internal heat and power requirements as well, also they do have the server version of this, what's to become of it if they do this?

This could well lead to an upgrade, (finally) of the Front Row application as well, to include the ability to purchase iTunes content from within it, just like the AppleTV...

Next step... AppleTV that plays real games...

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