Mac Sales Drop in January



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I can see how sales would drop substantially in these hard economic times, but to be blunt Apple is a behemoth. It will take a lot more than a 6% drop in sales to slow them down.

I plan on purchasing the white Macbook for school within the next few months and I don't plan on buying another Windows based computer.



I want my first Mac, but I will wait until the new IMac shows up. If I'm going to spend allot of money, then I'll wait for the new IMac. Nothing will tick me off more than buying one now and then within a month or two, Apple decides to sell a newer version/ upgrade. I can handle dealing with this when it comes to a PC since newer models are out every week/month, but Apple tends to only update every 6-12 months, if your lucky. BTW... Hurry up please!

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