MacBook Mini Rumor - Now with Shady Spy Shots!



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how is this any different from a macbook or an Air? i don't see Apple trying to compete in the netbook market. the MacBook already comes in around that price and size.



Clearly a image edited with GraphicConverter or Imaginator, or something similar. Apple is not doing this. Makes no sense from a product line point of view.



so what's the point of the macbook air, i'm sure this will have a built in batterie, and thinner. this looks like the rest of the macbook, same touch pad and black, the air looks out of place, could something like this replace it?



What will Apple come up with next? From an engineer's perspective, I really do appreciate the time and effort Apple's concept development team(s) dream this stuff up ... a balance of art and engineering.

I'll bet the final product will be even more impressive.

Nothing like a Mac!

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