MacBook Rumor Roundup



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it should be because that's the next stage for theses units, micro soft is heading down the path that apple made so it's time for apple to move ahead once again I love my imac but i would love apple even more if i' m in bed hold my iphone and searching the web through my tv. people would still venture out and buy what apple has to offer because one the products work a lot better than most and there" sexy to men and hard for the ladies"



If the glass trackpad REALLY comes true- i'd have to say that that would have been Apple's #1 worst mistake in the history of the company. It might look nice but unless they found a way to protect it well AND inexpensively (unlike the Corvette ZR1's $60,000 a gallon carbon fiber protection paint) it might ruin the sales of the MacBook. Glass smudges, scratches, and cracks like no other material- so apple better not have a glass trackpad on the MacBook!



Glass is one of the most anti-scratchable matter on this planet... look at the older Ipod nano black or white... they scratched like crazy because they were made of plastic.

And on top of that I have the iPod Touch Since it first was released, and I only have 3 scratches form when I dropped it on CONCRETE... not from putting it in my jean pocket... CONCRETE.


So in my opinion, you are wrong. 



someone has been thinking it through, apple has said they will release a new way to search through the web on tv the date is ...........A rumor I wish will happen soon all apple heads lets send a call to apple to stop looking at Apple tv as a hobby and a real useful tool focus.



Robbie, thanks for the cactus cooler reference because it is truly the best old-school soft drink around.

Jon is the editorial director of Mac|Life.


Mac Boy

ya and about the one piece laptop.......don't laptops need to open up you know ht e monitor and than the body with the keyboard so if the new laptop would be one piece? but i think they might be made out of a medal case like both the macbook air and Pro

[Mac Boy]

 R2-D2 with an iPod


Roberto Baldwin

I was debating using centimeters or millimeters. I chose unwisely.


Lisa Weddle

It's a rumor anyway, right?  Leave it at centimeters... and you can not only slide it under your door... you'll accidentally slide it into your printer.  But it will look nice printed with your cats' pictures on it!  Magical!



"Thinner: The new MacBooks will take a cue from the Macbook Air and shave off a FEW CENTIMETERS so you can finally slide the notebook under your door."

Assuming that "a few" is more than "a couple" (which is 2), shaving off at least 3 Centimeters would leave the new MacBooks as thin as a piece of paper, if not non-existent. 1 Inch = 2.54 Centimeters.

Perhaps you meant shave off a few Millimeters?

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