MacBooks ARE the Premium Laptop Market



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Cathy Preston

The specs and the price combo seems good for the kind of job you have in mind !

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Though I personally have never owned a MacBook I am presently searching for one for my daughter who starts college in 3 weeks and they recommend the same. What I do know is in the 25 plus years I have used a desktop Mac only once did I ever take one in for repair and that was because I was still somewhat of a novice in troubleshooting so I ended up paying $50 for a $5 battery. Presently, the G4 I am using has run 24/7 since 2002 except the occasional loss of electrical service. And that gives me opportunity to open the case and clean the dust out. I run a Windows lab in Education and it drives me nuts! And nary a day passes someone isn't asking me to help them with some problem with their PC. I prefer a car that starts when you turn the key and one I don't have to take to my mechanic every week. Bottom line is, as previously stated, you get what you pay for!!



Believe it or not, I own a MacBook Pro. It seems to me, all this is telling me is that Macs are the most expensive laptops. It says so right in the article...

"Apple simply refuses to participate in the lower price range of the laptop market"

So basically they just price them higher than everyone else and call it a "premium" market???.

What is "premium" about them? A nice case? Come on.

They "just work"? So does my laptop with Linux.

I like my Mac but I don't see it as some magical machine. There are numerous times when I need to force quit apps that have stopped responding. It's a nice laptop but I have the same experience with my Linux laptop for much, much less.



same with me, i like showing them on my Mac how i don't have the same problems there PC has or how my Mac can do it better. than they moan about the price of a mac than charge them $25 an hour to fix the PC. A happy circle.



I totally agree. I've been telling ppl this for years. They don't believe me, then they come to me when they need troubleshooting done on their PC.



All I have to say is YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Once you go Mac, you never want to come back. (To PC)

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