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They make it impossible to cancel. I no longer want this magazine or app, but it keeps charging me $0.99 per month. Apple iTunes should protect users from this fraudulent activity. All iTunes subscriptions should be able to be activated or cancelled with one click within iTunes. I will cancel EVERYTHING if McLife does not stop!!!



MacLife for iPhone is a FRUAD!!! DO NOT BUY! the subscription is a rip they have not given ANY of us a new issue and we have ALL been charged, further more i have not heard a word from Future or MacLife regarding this issue AND ITS BEEN 2 WEEKS!!!

Advice to people who have bought the subscription:
Report the MacLife Mag app as FRUAD maybe you should get all your money back and they will remove the Fraudulent app so no one else can be tricked



Mac|Life told me that there was a new edition ready to download but all I am seeing is the November issue still. I was also charged the $0.99. Does it automatically download or have I missed something?



The December 2011 issue is out in print but it isn't available on the apple newsstand? What gives?



Yep, pay your 99c and then find there is no way to unsubscribe.
I have been passed around nearly every customer support member of Future US, MacLife, Texterity and a host of others ~ no-one will take responsibility. Heaven help them if they charge me again!



As a subscriber going back to MacAddict #1, all I have to say is "YEAH!"



Getting the red badge bug as well.

Also, I have another problem, I subscribed using my iPad 2 and when I downloaded the magazine on my iPhone 4 and my sister's iPad 1, I think I was charged again since my account is missing about $2.

I already contacted Apple support regarding this as well as Maclife.

UPDATE: iTunes just gave back my missing $2.00 :)



I prematurely subscribed to your monthly plan on my iPhone. I then realized it would be much better reading the mag on my iPad :) Unfortunately, when I try to view the mag on my iPad, all it does is say I already have a subscription but will not load the magazine onto my iPad. How do I resolve this issue?



The badge on Maclife "New" and the red number do not disappear after I open the magazine and read it. Seems to me like a bug. Only happens on magazines from Future Plc. PC Gamer has the same problem.



Yeah, I would prefer it like pmartign would. The version emailed to me is pretty damn crappy. :) Useless on an iPad 2 WiFi only when I am out and about.



I downloaded the app on both my iPhone and iPad (updated to iOS 5!) but the subscribe button within your app doesn't seem to work.



Finally! MacLife never went the Zinio route so I was dying to get a digital way to read MacLife. Much prefer digital versions if at all possible, especially since the iPad 2. And imagine what the reading experience will be on the iPad 3 retina display (can always dream).

A bunch of good guitar magazines also showed up on Newsstand. I was also glad to see my current wired subscription automatically showed up.

Also noticed Car & Driver and The Walking Dead on the list. Now I have some difficult decisions, since I have a current Car & Drive subscription through Zinio, and get my copies of The Walking Dead through ComiXology. Amazon and Kindle won the battle for my digital book business (sorry iBooks) but Newsstand looks like it may win me for magazines.



Thanks for the clarification about the print and app subscriptions. Gonna stick with my print till it runs, then go digital.

Do you guys think there will be a way in the future to get access to the mag app if you are a print subscriber?


Susie Ochs

I sure hope so! As you can see by my "don't pay $5.99, that's ridiculous!" instructions above, I tend to think more like a consumer than a businessperson... It's definitely something our readers want, so hopefully if/when it becomes an option in the App Store, we'll offer it. I really hope we do. It'll be up to the business side of the...uh, business: the circulation and marketing and executive teams. They keep us editorial types out of decisions like that. But we let 'em know what people are asking for, and that's a hugely popular request of course...



I am having an issue where I have subscribed to to the 99 cent a month option, but even after I have downloaded the current issue and opened it, the red alert badge is still showing on the Newsstand App and there is a banner over the issue of MacLife that says "New".

Has this happened to anyone else? I cannot get the red badge alert to go away.



I have the same problem with Maclife and PC Gamer mags.



It would be awesome if you could link the Newsstand to the print edition. I would prefer that to the version you email me. Thanks.

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