The Mac|Life Show - Live: Episode .25



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It was fun watching it 'off the cuff" but, 2 things- (as my nickname implies) It didn't sound as if Flo had a lav mic? Another camera for the shots of the hardware and screens would be nice. Just a thought...Keep it up.



An excellent idea!! It was really great seeing you guys. I love the podcast but watching the video was very cool. I didn't care that it was unrehearsed, that just added to the charm of it for me. Thanks !



Maybe you shouldn't broadcast your beta shows. Rehearse offline. Then go live with more professional results. Do you sell your monthly magazine mockups? Of course not...



My best advice would be for you guys to partner with a production house so the videocast looks more professional and to achieve the following:
1. (2) cameras so one camera would show closeups.
2. Sit down, loose the macs or use iPads for notes.
3. Plan better and do a quick runthrough rehearsal before you go live.
4. Use titles to illustrate points.
5. Hire or appoint someone to be director.

Overall You can still be "edgy" and "rad" but still look polished and professional which we, out in the hinterlands expect of a nationally recognized company producing a slick magazine.

I'm a 30 year veteran of nationally distributed Video content and I would like to offer my production consulting services so you can better communicate your message.
You can follow me on twitter as @davidstriks.



That was great for a first show. Though the colors were kinda wonky at the end.

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