Mac|Life's iPad App Reaches #1!



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Congratulations at the top! I downloaded the app and it's well designed for the iPad. Also appreciate the ability to send feedback from within the app...very convenient.



You sent me a letter saying that I could go to the web site, type in my account number and get a subscription renewal for $34.95 - but the website wants $44.95. And I don't see a place on the order form to access the lower price.

Now, really, ten dollars is not all that much, but since Mac|Life is a computer magazine, and a Mac magazine at that, I'd think your paper and electronic offers would match up.

There's no need to respond to this. I just wanted to send the comment. I really enjoy the magazine, and I'll renew at the regular price next year when my subscription is up.



Thats awesome guys keep up the great work!!!



congrats on being #1!

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