Macworld Expo 2010 Pushed to February



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At first I was upset... but when I think about it, a product announcement was the only good thing about having Apple at the show. I spent hardly any time at their booth, which wasn't that interesting anyway. I go to see the other companies, they were just a face in the crowd at the show (granted a face with a big booth). It is amusing that Microsoft Mac will, if they maintain their past presence, have the biggest presence at the show in terms of floor space.

I just hope MWSF doesn't die... because if it doesn't impact other exhibitors, then I don't think I'll really feel the loss of Apple's presence.



Actually, early February works better for me. I often have to juggle other conflicts in early January, that in 2009 forced me to miss the expo.



I always wanted Apple at CES as I thought Microsoft had too much of a stranglehold on the whole thing but I am very disappointed that Apple had to abandon MacWorld in order to attend CES but it does make sense. At MacWorld people already buy Macs and no matter if Apple is there or not people there will continue to but the people at CES often haven't bought a Mac and Apple sees that as an opportunity. The people at CES until now (and maybe after now too) are an untapped demographic that Apple stands to gain significant market share from so in Apple's collective reasoning the matter is pretty much made up for them. That being said I have no idea why Apple couldn't do both but perhaps their reasoning was missing a final point "Apple feels it no longer needs to debut its products at trade shows..." devoted solely to Apple.



Thanks for your well thought out commits Quayzar . I haven't thought of it this way. I feel Apple is loaded for bear right now and is set to take a LARGE portion of the market share. I'm not just talking about iPhone and Ipod, I'm talking about the home computing people, like me! I just made the switch from PC to Mac and I kick myself for not doing it years ago!

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