Magazine and Newspaper Publishers Get 70/30 Split from Amazon



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Perhaps Apple will enter this space directly, going head-to-head with Amazon. I'll save that assessment to the pundits. But it is a stretch to say that iPad owners have "lamented for months that there was no easy way to get magazine and newspaper subscriptions on their tablet devices". iPad-specific magazine and newspaper reader apps are available, with diverse content and a rich, colorful, interactive reading experience.

I use Zinio for all my magazine reading needs. Zinio started off selling digital subscriptions accessible through their digital readers for your Mac and PC. In early 2010, they were one of the companies asked by Apple to develop an app for the (at the time unreleased) iPad. Today, I read full versions, in full color, of all my favorite magazines. Some of the publications, such as National Geographic, even feature interactive content within the digital pages of the magazines themselves.

As for newspapers, Zinio offers a few, but I am also experimenting with PressReader. You are allowed 7 newspaper downloads on a free trial basis. If PressReader is not your style, you can also download some newspaper apps directly, like WSJ and Financial Times.

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