Majority of iTunes Radio Users Apparently Still Favor Pandora



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All of this is still without worth to those of us who choose not to pay for an unlimited data plan. I have listened to iTunes Radio on my home computer a few times and it is nice enough but if I were to listen to it on my iPhone I would burn through my data allotment in just a few days and it is not worth it to me to pay for a larger data plan when I can just listen to what i already have in iTunes.



Pandora? i thought they died like 3-4 years ago... i us iTunes Radio... only use DIRadio for ASOT on thursdays!


Matthew Fisher

I think that I will stick with Pandora. I have not had that good of an experience with Itunes Radio, as it doesn't seem to stream as well as Pandora does. Even when I have full signal on the LTE network, Itunes Radio seems to pause for a long amount of time. As the first commenter said, it always seems to play the same songs in the exact same order as well, every time you launch one of your stations. I think that it still needs quite a bit of work, before I would even think about using Itunes Radio with any frequency (yeah, pun intended)



You must be a verizon customer! iTunesRadio is higher quality audio thats why its taking more time... you should switch to AT&T i have really good luck with them



I like iTunes for the fact that I can put in 80s hip hop and it stays in that area. Pandora would play prince, Kidz Bop and every other kind of music that I didn't ask for. The bad with iTunes is that I get the same 15 songs over and over. If apple is paying by song plays they'll be writing artist a lot of checks the way it repeats. It even plays songs i just blocked like 10 times. Im giving it some time to work out the bugs.



I was only too glad to ditch Pandora. I swear I'd get an ad after every third song which was more than annoying. I'm not an iTunes match subscriber so I get ads in iRadio, but they're nowhere near as frequent. I'm sure as the iTunes radio service starts to take off the overall experience will improve.

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