Mark/Space Announces Droid X Support for The Missing Sync



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i have used the mark/space software for several years and as of today (11 nov 2010) i was going to buy the package for sync capability for my droid x with my mac. HOWEVER, the website is crashed...won't link to their store and won't even link to their contact page. i was able to get a telephone number for the account linked/associated to the website(?) and the company (?). but all you get is a long drawn out message and then after the tone, you can't leave a message as the "box is full." also frustrating is that the message says that the system is checked approximately TWICE a day and that a response could take up to FOUR days!!!

if anyone reading this rant of mine has any type of inside contact with this company, PLEASE let them know their system is really leaving a BAD impression with those of us WANTING to do business with them!!!



Any comment or reviews of this software out there? Were sick of waiting for the iPhone at Verizon and were thinking of getting the X.

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