MAX 2013: Adobe Launches All-New Creative Cloud Suite, Available June 17



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Stuart M. Berwick

Like the other commenter I also find the new pricing and method of delivery untenable. I happen to be disabled and take photographs when I can. So to use Lightroom and CS5 has been useful with no monthly charges. I really didn't like the idea of renting software when Adobe first announced the version of Photoshop last year. So I will happily stick with my Lightroom 3 and my last version of Photoshop and look for other answers for my Photo needs in the mean time. Sorry Adobe you priced yourself out of the home market and I bet a lot of small businesses will think twice at that price.



I guess my CS6 will be my last Adobe upgrade. Unless Adobe gives current software users (and that would include if one was a current Cloud user) a discount. One of the reasons I've been able to justify using Adobe's VERY HIGH PRICED software was because I've upgraded since Pagemaker was made by Aldus. A Cloud subscription at $40/month is $480/year. Is that a deal in anyone's eyes? I don't know what they could do to their apps that would make me switch over. I have currently one Cloud app, Muse, and they don't make it easy to stop the monthly charges - if you can even do it. Not happy, obviously.

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