Maximize Your Last-Minute iPhone Trade-In with NextWorth



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Nextworth is currently advertising that you can double the regular referral rate of $10 to $20 for friends who sell back iPhones to them. I did this and had three referrals (besides my own) but when I received the confirmation emails it mentioned a "gift card" , not cash, for the first time. I scoured their web site, including the small print, and it doesn't refer to gift cards. I left a message at the company and their rep called at first saying it was wrong and I would receive cash. Then she called back and said she was wrong, it would be a gift card. I asked what kind and she said I had a choice of three... iTunes, Starbucks and she didn't know the third. (And you cant get that info on their site until you have a code that you only receive after the deal is done.) That is not useful to me and I am disappointed that they are pulling this "bait and switch" at this stage. I will not follow through the selling of my phone and I will contact my three referrals and recommend they do not do business with this company. After reading more reviews on values being deflated after sending in the phones, I am wary of this also now.

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