Microsoft To Bring Zune Services To Mac?



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Why would they want Zunes on Macs? If you can afford a Mac (which they are working on, thank you Apple) you can easily afford an iPod. And if you're smart enough to buy a Mac, you're smart enough to buy an iPod. This seems pointless to me. Mac people have iPods. Smart move by Microsoft in the mP3 battle of the Computer Crusades (my name for Mac vs. PC) since if you had a Mac you would really just get an iPod because it supports it. The only thing I do not understand is Mac people supporting this. Seriously. The iPod is much more superior from the Zunes I've seen. So sure you can use your cheap Zune on your Mac now, but really you shouldn't have waited and just gotten an iPod. The price difference is made up in quality.
-The Mactivist (iSean)



First of all there are a few errors with your names. "José Piñero". Honestly I know nothing about the guy and but I do speak spanish so...

The Zune. Hmmm. I don't think they are going to get many sales from Mac users. Only Microsoft zealots tend to buy those. Most Mac users buy the iPod.

The Zune, yeah right!



It's not April 1st already, is it?



That's wonderful. I'm sure that both of the Zune users will be happy.



Importing a Zune HD from America to the UK and at the moment its a pain having to load up a Virtual Machine just to sync my music.



One final note, would be nice to have a player or something that I can send my iTunes songs to the 360 without having to pay for it...



First Microsoft would have to bring the protected WM formats to Apple, something they haven't been prepared to do in the past, also bring back their player, right now people are directed to using "Flip4Mac" instead, which don't play the protected formats unless you pay for it. So then I take it, MS is looking to flip "Flip4Mac" the finger after these past few years and start producing a player/store for the Mac like Mac's been doing for years on Windows via iTunes?

On a side note, you mean that Zunes are still on the market?!? I haven't even heard or seen anything about them in so long, I forgot they existed... Not that I was ever interested to begin with...

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