Microsoft CEO Talks Smack, Says Company Ready to Take on Apple



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what happened in the picture of Steve Balmer, his head is oddly shaped lol



They only advantages they're missing are in style and consumer appeal. What Ballmer neglects here is that most companies AREN'T buying iPads. The consumers are buying them and then expecting the enterprise to support their personal devices, which they are. People don't want a tablet computer (those faded away in the 90's). They want iPads. Microsoft is now run by sales people and not engineers. It's no wonder that they're just trying to repackage and resell the same OS they've been selling for years. That's what sales people do. Unless they can convince businesses to buy these instead of laptops, this will be another Zune destined for the technical dustbin.


its DLANTZ again....

By the time Microsoft gets their act together, Apple and in a small way Android will OWN the tablet market.



and we have our advantage in willing to pump billions and billions of dollars into any market we want to stay in. why, just look at the 8 billion we've lost in our web services, 10 years now and never a nickel in profit. and xbox! boy, did we show them our commitment on that one! by the time we had a profitable quarter we'd lost enough money that we could have built our very own international space station! we mean business! nobody, but NOBODY, can play moneyball like we play moneyball!



When Bomber leaves his meds at home for a couple of days, it's amazing the platitudes that spew out of his flabinious face...

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