Microsoft Compares iPhone 4 Woes to Vista Debacle



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I had just about quit listening to ANYTHING coming from Redmond's leaders, especially of late, now this one takes the cake! Going to compare a minor hardware issue that wasn't caught due to the hurry to get the new iPhones out after the bar incident, to Microsofts continual crapware problems is absurd to say the least. Microcrap needs to get their heads out of their asses and completely rewrite their operating system from scratch and eliminate the 99% of bloat and incorrect programming from it before they can even begin to talk about anyone else's software, let alone hardware! I can remember how long it was that Microcrap kept putting out 360's with the Red Ring of Death problems before they fixed it, do you really believe that Steve is going to let this go on beyond the original release? Doubt it! I'm sure in version 4.1-4.2 models that are released to the public, this issue will have already become a non one by Apple including a simple coating over the ends of the antennas in future releases, whereas Microcrap took what, 4 years and multiple updates to the 360 to fix the red ring of death? If it's really even truly fixed now. I'm sure what Steve is going to say is that they do have a problem and that you can bring it into Apple for a swap/fix by a tech to slide/coat the wires. Thus not really taking a BIG loss, as they are just going to turn back around and resell the fixed phone again, though possibly at a slightly cheaper cost if someone demands theirs to be replaced instead of just fixed, and that's if it's not just rebranded as a 4.1/4.2 device, with a complete reset by the tech.



To be more accurate Microsoft should compare the iPhone 4 to their Xbox 360's red ring of death as the problem is a hardware issue and not a software issue.

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