Microsoft Exec Blasts iPad, Free iWork in Official Blog Post



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I'd say completely delusional...



"not non-standard, non-cross-platform, imitation apps that can't share docs with the rest of the world" Pages can export and read just about any format.... can word? lol (btw people share docs on iCloud not a microsoft service"



Now that Apple is giving away it's OS and iOS (and including iWorks for free), the only player left charging for a desktop OS is Microsoft. Microsoft isn't charging $20 or $30 for their OS, they're charging $200 for their OS and $99/yr for a productivity suite which you can get for free now from several vendors such as Apache's OpenOffice, NeoOffice or even iWorks (which supports Office format). In a single stroke Apple has basically pointed the finger at Microsoft and called then greedy. It's no wonder Microsoft is on the defensive with declining stock value, lack luster hardware sales and now this. Unless Microsoft can take a real hard look at the reality on the ground and stop drinking their own Kool-Aid, they will continue to be more irrelevant to most consumers.



Microsoft has NO CLUE "how people work better than anyone on the planet". When they changed the interface in Office to that ribbon crap, they made MILLIONS of enemies. That was the single dumbest assumption they've made (well, besides Bob, Vista and Windoze 8). Ballmer is a bully, he may be leaving, but he's groomed his followers to be just as blind to MS's serious lack of consumer awareness. I use 2 third-party apps to make Win 8 look like Win 7, and I'm still waiting for the Win 8 update that does that for me.



Surface made $853 million? How quaint.

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