Microsoft to Fork Over $8.5 Billion for Skype Acquisition



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I was a loyal paid customer of Skype for years, effective immediately, I am pulling my account(s) from Skype and erasing all my information from it! I will NOT be using Skype from now on, since the DEVIL now has control of it!!!

Google voice would be a viable option for voice calls, unfortunately, it doesn't do video, which is what I need and it MUST be able to do ALL calls/texts securely so now I'm on the look out for what will work on my iPad 2 as well as my family/friends windows devices as well as other Apple products. May be looking at VoxOx but it was a pain in the arse to get everyone to switch from Yahell to Skype, now to get them to switch to something else is going to be an even bigger pain!!!



Geoduck: I'd try Google Voice. Although MS has the ability to make Skype better; I don't know that they have the will. They've owned properties like PowerPoint for years; and once you've used Keynote, you can see how they've never really "fixed" PPT.



Thanks for the idea. GoogleVoice will handle the telephony part but I also am looking for the ability to do video calls.



Welcome to the new.... Microsoft Windows Live VOIP Technologies Companion Beta!



Been using Skype for a few years now. Used to work great. Got a little flaky in the last year. Then Skype 5 for Mac came out and it is terrible. But the old client kept working so I grumbled and kept using it. But this is just too much.

Need to move the family to something else. Mac and Win users. Recommendations?

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