Microsoft Introduces Office 365, Home Premium Preview Now Available



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"365 Home Premium Preview"?
Microsoft, please stop with the stupid names for your stuff and 5 different version of things. Just call it MS Office and be done with it.



The best thing people could do would be to start migrating to other products for these functions. Microsoft is literally making a killing from a word processor app that doesn't do anything you can't find elsewhere. The whole idea of 4 different varieties of an online suite of apps for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and email is at best, laughable. Are they unable to make a "one size fits all" version with all of the features at a price everyone can afford? This is what happens when sales people run the company. You can expect to see Office 2025 in the future with a few more bells and whistles and a hefty price tag. End the silliness, do yourself a favor and find alternative products (many of which are free or much cheaper) rather than pay Microsoft a premium for their aging Office suite.

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