Microsoft Office Apps for iPad Hit 12 Million Downloads a Week After Launch



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downloads doesn't translate good or success... And i would like to know if this was Downloads... or REAL Sells. For developers we see 2 numbers Sells "meaning Accounts that have bought the app" and Downloads "times app has been downloaded, so basically if you install the app on your iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini. it counts for 3 downloads"

Most of the downloads are just interest in a new app, and thinking if they downloaded it now there will be perks... i guarantee half of the people have deleted the app by now!

BTW iWork has a user base of over 200 Million iOS devices, so how are critics wrong? Critics say Microsoft is losing steam... well its numbers show it!

Also: they probably requested refunds right after... and got them no questions asked... Apple really needs to put a stop to this... its hurting Devs bad!

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