Microsoft Planning to Take On Apple TV at CES?



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The first problem is that this thing runs Windows for it's OS. Wait until your TV locks up with the blue screen of death while you're in the middle of watching your favorite show. Secondly it's $200 which is $100 more than most products currently on the market like Roku or the Apple TV. Lastly, as the person before me said, they're late to the party again so unless they have an absolutely stellar product (which they won't) with an attractive price point (it's not) this will be another wannabe Microsoft product relegated to the technological dust bin of history.



give me a break windows is always late to the party, they got beat on the iphone they got beat on the ipad they got beat on apple tv. Windows need to to start providing their clients with stuff that matter not stuff that they repackage and try to sell as new! there is not one thing that windows has done that make me say wow except for the xbox 360 and kenicts but keep in mind K was brought from some other company
so again Make stuff create stuff that will blow the doors off of apple. Am apple all the way I want someone to push apple more and more to produce better and wilder products for the future and they continue to do that as we speak without pressure

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