Microsoft Previews Windows 8, Invites Everyone To Download and Try



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Can u download the preview and use it and boot camp or do you have to have a previous Windows OS and upgrade from there?



I downloaded it and I'm using VMware Fusion to access it. but I can't seeem to install the Bootcamp tools. soo I can't connect to the internet.



I've downloaded and tried out Win8 on my Desktop, it's ok, but I don't see anything to special about it. Maybe in the future when we have touch displays, or on a tablet, but currently it's more like the an extra layer on top of the desktop. Doesn't seem any faster or snapper then Win7, but it is an alpha build so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

For my Day to Day computing I prefer my OS X Lion. Thank you.



Windows 8 sounds better than Vista 2. I'm sure Microsoft is hoping this will be more successful than Vista, but from what I've read it looks like more bloatware, clunkiness and interface nightmares for Windows users.

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