Microsoft Pulls YouTube Video Series Mocking New iPhones



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Funny, you never hear someone saying that BMW and Mercedes should lower the cost of their cars because there are more car makers today and competition has increased. After all, a car is a car, right? They all have an engine, 4 wheels and a steering wheel. People aren't telling Dyson to lower the cost of their vacuum cleaners because a vacuum is a vacuum. Yet, you hear this all the time when it comes to Apple.



I have been an Apple guy since the beginning. Unfortunately, the video is not wrong. $100. for what amounts to a reduced quality iPhone 5 is steep. And the price for the 5s is also steep. Apple, you created a wonderful phone market with creativity. You charged what ever you wanted. But you now have some very strong competition. Apple needs work in both innovation and price.


Carsten Legaard

When I was young, and hell that is quite too many years ago, Microsoft made the best of software and, as far as I know of, only that. Nowadays they seem to make very little progress in software, in the contrary, actually, but seemingly focuses all their energy (energy?) on envying Cupertino. I would like to hug somebody in Microsoft and tell him or her how good they used to be. If they only had the time to listen. They don't. What a pity



Ultimate fail - I could appreciate the jab at Apple's design and how little it seems like it changed since the original; the complete lack of anything remotely close to humor, however, kills all of its potential. I want my 5 minutes - two for the video, three for the comment - back, Microsoft!

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