Microsoft Rues the Day They "Saved" Apple



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Regarding the Slate, the BRIGHT RED line that says " the company has “no plans to build such a device at this time.” didn't mean anything to you? It was never to be sold. The ONLY people that said it was was that NYT article and the people that latched onto that NYT article. MS ALWAYS said that it was not going to be made.

Regarding Windows Mobile, it appears you didn't read the articles at all. The first one shows a 4% drop with it firmly in 3rd place in Market Share with double (at the time) the share of Android & 3x that of Palm. The 2nd article said pretty much the same thing with them GAINING marketshare at the end of October. The 3rd article says nothing other than iPhone moved in front of WinMo with no numbers about WinMo market share. Finally, the last article restates that WinMo is in 3rd place and still well ahead of Android.

In the article you state that "we" haven't seen a phone running WinMo. Now you say that everyone "you" know doesn't have one. You do realize that any HTC WinMo phone looks just like an HTC Android phone, right? Like I said, I hate WinMo but the statement was just plain ignorant. You may not have known that you saw one but with more marketshare than iPhone (until 6 months ago), Android, Palm, etc. that's just pretty unlikely. There's a huge difference between a struggle that causes a 4% loss in marketshare and "never seen one". I just expect more from a magazine like MacLife. Who knows though, maybe I shouldn't.


J Keirn-Swanson

everyone I know has android phones, iPhones, Blackberries, or dumbphones. I really have never seen a Windows Mobile based phone in my life and I've seen a lot of phones. I did research the issue, and you can see posts like this about Windows' struggle in the mobile market:


Then you can read articles like this:


about Microsoft ditching their slate project.


It's not like I'm sitting around making this stuff up out of wishes and cotton candy.




Really? This is what passes for an article? Don't get me wrong, I much prefer my Macs to my Windows PCs and WinMobile is crap but this is pretty much a horrible article.

"have you ever seen a phone with Windows on it? We haven't"

Wow, so you've never stepped out of the house or your office? iPhone finally passed Windows Mobile in Market share about 6 months ago. It has a crap interface but is loved by companies since it supports pretty much everything. WinPhone7 stands a chance of maybe being a decent OS but that's beside the point. The statement above was just plain stupid.

"and Microsoft scrapped their slate plans once the iPad hit the scene"

MS never had any plans for producing the Slate and they said as much anytime they were asked about it. MS "makes" a ton of stuff that will never see the light of day because they are a software company instead of a product company like Apple.

This article should have been cut before the last paragraph. It went from informative & slightly boastful to looking like something written by a rabid fanboy that doesn't let small things like facts get in his way when writing. I seriously hope this article doesn't make it into the next issue. If so, I'm going to have to seriously reconsider keeping my subscription.

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