Microsoft Stores Getting Sloppy Seconds?



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I would be embarrassed to be seen in the Microsoft store... even by mistake!. But I am sure they will have their regular customers socializing and sharing stories about blue screens and viruses. I wish them fun and luck. I would just stay in the 'cool' side. 8-)


So, when I visit a Micro$oft store, (aka MicroCRAP), am I going to be attacked by virus's upon entering?Will the sales people need to consistently restart, due to too many incoming commands?Will a huge BSOD (blue screen of death) come crashing down from the ceiling, when there are too many people in the store, and the environmental controls can't handle the heat?When I want to pay with several different methods, will their computer systems crash, because they can't multi-task?Or, will the whole store look like an Apple store, with the Windows logo, and be filled with cardboard cutouts of Apple employees?Oh, will the computers distribute virus's through the electrical outlets, thereby shutting down the electrical grid, and all other systems that make the mall run?Will I require a Microsoft degree, just to start asking about networking?Someone must stop this infectious assault against humanity immediately.

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