Microsoft Takes a Swing at Apple's iLife By Making Its Services Free



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I'm not going to argue with Microsoft; MobileMe especially, is far too much money for what it actually is,which is why I'm not renewing this year, but "free" from Microsoft means crap.

If MobileMe, or even a scaled down version of it were to be released for free, that would be fantastic!


Emmett The Crab

Apple could come out with a new iLife, make it and MobileMe free while Microsoft is still talking about what they will do 2 years from now.

I wouldn't want Microsoft's free crap either. I've seen the elegant DVDs you can do in Windows Movie Maker.



If MS put a $50 bill in the shrink wrap, I wouldn't use it. Been there, done that. Nice try.



Same here, I wouldnt use it if they paid me!

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