Microsoft's Ballmer Doesn't Believe The (iPhone) Hype



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obviously ... when ballmer drank the MS kool aid ... it made him blind. denying the success of the iPhone is like trying to tell people the sky isn't really blue.

he's just a jealous fool and a sore loser




i always love to hear about all the layoff and all the companies losing tons of money and good ol apple is still trucking along making just as much as always with out any layoffs. I think they are on to something, lets hope Microsoft doesn't notice.



It is very clear that Ballmer remains as thick headed as the day he laughed at the iPhone in the interview when he was ask what he thought of it! Ballmer and the rest of Microsoft really do still believe that they "own" the market. As they sit and gawk and Apple they are being passed up at the speed of light!! Windows ME was a failureWindows XP somewhat saved their asses!Windows Vista FAILURE!!ZUNE-FAILURE!Microsoft laying off employees and actually wanting back some of the severance packages!Apple opening 26 new stores WORLD WIDE!

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