Minneapolis' FirstTech, Apple's First Reseller, to Close Its Doors March 30



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George Bavolak

I have been a loyal Apple customer since 1985 and will continue to be so. Having stated that, I need to get this rant off my chest. Apple couldn't have survived without resellers ( particularly this one ) . So, should we shed a tear for FirstTech? Under normal business conditions probably not but since they were competing against other stores that were, in effect, subsidized by Apple, tears should be shed for them AND Apple. People who buy and use Apple products are famously ( or infamously ) loyal to the brand. FirstTech and other resellers stood by Apple when they were down and out and helped make Apple what it is today. Should Apple do anything for these stores other than," too bad so sad" that stood by them for so long ( in this case since 1977 ) ???
I have owned a small business for 35 years and I know it's not easy to maintain against competition. I doubt if I could have survived this long if I had to compete against the manufacture of the items we sell. As Brian says on cnet's Apple Bite "Thats a Bad Apple"!


Leif Johnson

Yikes. One of my sources made a similar typo for the year, and I was determined not to make it myself. So much for that.



“Even more noteworthy, the closure will occur after it sold Apple's first batch of Apple IIs in 1997, effectively making it Apple's first reseller.”

I think you’re off by twenty years.

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