iOS App Adds Budgeting, Splitting Transactions



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Mint has a LOT of upsides... most of them come from Intuit and the experience they have had with Quicken. The BIGGEST one is real-time updates from your various banks... Name another App that can do that (NOT downloads of backup files, but REAL-TIME.... I've been using Mint for the last few months and although I have NOT YET updated to this new release, prior releases I have had AN AWFUL TIME trying to do LOTS of things with Mint run in Safari... Some things will work on my MBP, but won't on my iPad (using the web interface on both) When I switch to iCab Mobile on my iPad others work fine that didn't work under Safari, but some that HAVEN'T worked under iCab work under Safari... So my experience with Mint has been schizophrenic.

HOPEFULLY, some of those issue will go away with update... I'll keep you posted.

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