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STILL no personal domain support for email making it utterly useless. <hr /> Syncing is VERY iffy right now. Lots of errors. You never know if a change on will 'take' or not. <hr /> Worse is no way to access payment info from the account page. WTF??? It's giving me an error (that I never saw in as recently as two days ago) about my credit card. But do I have any way on the me.ccom site to check my payment details? NOPE!!! :-( Also - this comment form is broken.


Frog blast the vent core!






Its Friday at 1, and I still essentially have no useful availability to when I try to log-in about 60% of the time I get redirected to a temporarily unavailable notice, the rest of the time, I get the mobile me menu bar and an unresponsive server error message. My idisk and mail are working fine through the desktop apps, but the web portal is useless, and my web gallery is still down.

It's pretty frustrating, but mostly just because i really want to enable the push features, but apparently it wipes the current information off your phone, so i'm not going to attempt it until the site is working.

So far, not too impressed.

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