MobileMe: Did Apple Bite Off More Than It Can Chew?



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Originally posted in August 2008: The MobileMe rocky transition is still an ongoing battle for us. We have not been able to successfully synchronize our iCal calendars nor our Address Book to the MobileMe website for 3 days now. The MobileMe website contains outdated information from our Address Book and iCal calendars. We are running Mac OS X 10.5.4 on a MacBook Pro, with the MobileMe 1.1 updater applied. We have tried all the troubleshooting steps on Apple's website, including unregistering & re-registering our computer from the MobileMe system preference, completely resetting our sync data from the MobileMe System Preference, resetting our SyncServices folder using the Terminal command in Apple's tech info article #TS1627, repairing permissions, and running Keychain First Aid. All to no avail. Our MacBook Pro has all the current & up-to-date information, but the MobileMe website does not have the current & up-to-date information. The MobileMe website has a hybrid combination of old information along with some (but not all) of our current information. It is extremely frustrating, to say the least. And we are not getting any error messages when we sync. The MobileMe system preference says that our last successful sync was just a few minutes ago. But yet, the MobileMe website is not up-to-date. We have tried clearing our Safari cache and quitting/relaunching Safari as well.  There are clearly some big bugs on Apple's side that they still need to work out.Update in December 2008: Looks like Apple has fixed most of the issues in MobileMe over the last few months, and it looks reliable again.



It works great for me; there were a couple of hiccups initially, but now it;s like butter. I guess mileage is varying.



I still plan on getting mobileme hopefully it will work better between a mac iPhone and ipod touch.

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