MobileMe Pops Out of the Cloud



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The Mobile Me site is down...again!

Ah, you seek meaning...then listen to the music and not the song.



OK, so far it's been a rough ride in my house. We're current .Mac users who are going through the conversion process, and not easily I might add. One Mac was able to download the new software (it was pushed through via Software Update along with iTunes 7.7), the other didn't...although not from trying. The software wasn't pushed through, and when I went to manually download, I was informed that there were no updates needed for my Mac (after I downloaded iTunes 7.7). Not only that, there isn't an update available on Apple's site. I chatted (via PM) with an Apple rep who told me the situation would resolve itself as soon as things were officially up and running. I managed to sign on briefly a few minutes ago, but on the Mac that didn't have the software installed! It looked like things were working nicely, then there was nothing but the infamous "Server Error". I'm thoroughly confused. Nothing like paying a nice fee (we have a family account from the old .Mac) and getting nothing in return. Frustrated isn't the word. Ah, you seek meaning...then listen to the music and not the song.

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